Beef meat processing plant in Łabowa

Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsnego ZACZYK – Jacek Zaczyk, beef meat processing plant based in Łabowa is a family business that has been founded in year 1991 when at the beginning it acted as Handel i Skup Żywca oraz Mięsa. Since it was established the company has been specializing in cattle and meat sector.

The meat processing plant in Łabowa (PL12104202WE) is a part of a company is focused on beef meat deboning where its current daily deboning volume is around 50 tons. The facility was build in year 2003 with implementing the most innovative construction technologies and organization methods which are applied in European Union. Acknowledged technological solutions allow for further developing all production fields.

The facility has a deep freezing cooling room for storing frozen goods in temperature -18°C with its capacity over 800 tons.

Meat plant - slaughterhouse in Dębica

Second branch of ZACZYK company are Zakłady Mięsne w Dębicy (PL18033801WE) – slaughterhouse. The renew slaughter line in year 2004, there are currently processed approximately 1000 cattle . Zakłady Mięsne w Dębicy – slaughterhouse gives a possibility to do an exposition of goods under supervision of customs for third category countries.


ZACZYK company hires in total over 100 well qualified workers in hygiene and health condition safety aspects. To ensure high quality offered products all workers are systematically trained according to the internal quality policies and external superiority institutions as well.