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Piątek 1 Lutego 2019

                                                                                                             Łabowa, 1st of February 2019


Please be advised that Meat Processing Plant "ZACZYK" is a guarantee of Quality and Food Safety produced in accordance with the requirements of the law.

We declare that:

• The slaughterhouse of ZPM "ZACZYK"  with the location in Dębica, as well as other production plants in Dębica and Łabowa are under the constant control of the Veterinary Inspection, which guarantees the health of animals examined by Veterinarians who have direct supervision over slaughter.

• Animal welfare is constantly monitored by trained personnel, additionally equipped with a video monitoring system that records each stage of production, starting from delivery of slaughter animals, storage, to the final stage of the slaughter process.

• Each delivery of slaughter animals and the associated process of slaughter is accompanied by full documentation:

    Transport specification along with a declaration on the state of cattle loading in accordance with welfare requirements,

    Information regarding the food chain of animals sent for slaughter,

    Cattle passports and following animal holders,

    Dairy research before / after slaughter.

• Having a valid certificate in the field of "Animal welfare and slaughtering techniques" and international BRC / IFS certificates in the field of Quality and Food Safety is the best indicator of meeting the highest requirements of the above-described issue.

We ensure that the primary goal of ZPM "ZACZYK" is to produce the highest quality product, based on international requirements regarding animal welfare also Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hygiene (GHP).


Maciej Besbir

Quality Assurance Manager